Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ok, so I'm sure all of you are quite confused over the sudden onslaught of posts to my blog, and how they seem to be in no particular order and of horrendous age. Well, the fact is that these posts have been sitting, completed for quite some time all ready to get posted up, if only.... well, if only the ones prior had been ready to go.

So, I've discovered that I apparently have another OCD that is just now coming to light. The evidence indicates that I have little to no ability to post things out of order. I have all of these started posts on my blog, many of them finished, that I simply have not been able to bring myself to post until the oldest ones are all ready to go. The problem: my inspiration, creativity and desire for literary expression seem to have gone missing, and have been absent for quite some time. I'd call the police, or the FBI, or maybe even the CIA, but I'm sure they'd all tell me that it's a Cold Case by now, and too difficult to pick up after all this time. Plus, probably not worth their time! So, because I have several necessary items MIA, I just have not had any motivation to finish older posts. So, the completed ones sat. I did try. Really I did. I even gave my blog a makeover two + weeks ago thinking that would kick my creativity into gear. No such luck. Once the design was finished, I didn't want to actually write anything. So...nothing.

So what's the change today, you ask? I don't really know. Call it a case of giving up the ghost, maybe. Actually that doesn't really fit. I'm not giving up on those older posts. I do intend to eventually post them. Of course that will mean that every once in a while a post will pop up from a year ago, and you'll have to live through the confuzzlement once again. But only briefly, and then you'll get it all figured out. Just be patient with me. Besides that, maybe this will draw you back into reading again. Let's call it intrigue, shall we? Regardless, I guess for today I was able to zoom in on that "little" ability to post out of order, and posted everything I have finished at this moment in time. Look forward to more to come. I think I feel a little of that desire creeping back in...

BTW, what's the verdict on the makeover? Is this one a keeper? :)


Jamie said...

I like the makeover a lot. And I was really happy to see you posting again!

Janci said...

Thanks Jamie! I'll try to get back into things a bit more, and be a little better. :)

Iguana Montana said...

I am glad to see you posting again. I would have had to give you grief about starting a new blog without keeping up this one.

Now I will not have to do that, which will probably extend my life expectancy quite a bit.