Thursday, January 7, 2010

German Blog

Saw another awesome thing today. I checked my hits on my blog to discover a hit from Germany. This is not too unusual, because my cake posts get a lot of hits from other countries. What was unusual is that not only did it not have a referring link to my page, but the web page viewed did not begin with my blog address. Instead, it started with "translate". Having never seen a link like this before, I decided to click on it. And what did I find? Apparently someone had entered my blog into Google's translation site for German. When I clicked on the link, there it was, at least part of my blog translated into the German language. It was really kind of cool, being that I speak no other languages, (though I understand a large majority of Spanish). It looked as if I was fluent in German. LOL!

I did also find it amusing that there are some things that apparently do not translate. I had to laugh as I skimmed down the blog taking in all of these strange looking words that I wouldn't even know how to begin to try and type on a keyboard, and all of a sudden there was "Hey! That's me!", "On a side note" and "FIX IT NOW" (though I wonder if the last was because I used all caps. Hmmmm....) Also, "LOL" does not translate I guess. :-) I am wondering how good the translation is, though, because I noticed as I went a long that there seemed to be a lot of words just randomly not translated. As if they were missed (or were extra not needed in German.) And some of them were words that were translated elsewhere. I also noticed that only one of the titles was translated, and that the translation stopped part way through the last post on the page. Don't know why that is either, but regardless, I'm kind of excited that someone in another country actually wanted to read my blog, as opposed to looking at the pictures. Guten Tag, Deutschland! Willkommen! (That's about the extent of my German without a translator. At least I didn't have to find that upside exclamation point they use in Spanish.)

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