Friday, September 12, 2008


Some things truly are priceless, and so much more so when few words are necessary to describe them. A debtor sent this in to our office. Apparently when they mailed their monthly plan payment to us in the first place, they failed to put the suite number on the envelope. The postal service returned the envelope to them, which they just placed inside a new envelope and sent back to us – but not before adding a sticky note with their own comments:

Now I ask you, who do you think has the issues?

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Dotti said...

That really cracks me up. Actually, I can imagine the great frustration of the person (probably a clerk sorting at the post office your size) trying to figure out where in the hell to tell the carrier to deliver that letter. Or better yet, the carrier saying "I am not wasting my time trying to figure out which suite that belongs to." and it gets sent back into the system where some person sits at a computer in the CFS and prints the lables. Correct addresses are so important. Only in small offices do postmasters and carriers deliver your mail even if the sender forgets something. Like your address. example: John anderson
Axtell, Nebraska 68924.
And I had three John Andersons.