Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

Definition of “Random Thoughts” – stray thoughts that have popped into my head (these in the last few days), that, though always with cause, are basically note-worthy, but not substantial enough to create individual blog posts around.

Equation to Remember: roughly ½ a bottle of good red wine (imported all the way from California) + family stresses + a friend in need of a heart-to-heart – food (none since noon) – water = random crazy dreams followed by a morning punctuated with extreme sleepiness and a half-a-hangover headache.

Note to Self: It is best not to apply such equation in the middle of the work week.

I wonder what the two skater-looking guys standing outside my office building, gazing at me as I walk by in my obviously professional black pin-striped suit and my pearls, would think if they knew I was rockin’ out right now to AC/DC on my IPod. Or that my IPod also, among many others, contains Drowning Pool, Smashing Pumpkins and Green Day.

Why is it that I can slam my leg into something and think “OUCH! That’s gonna leave a mark!”, but then two days later when I have a bruise on my leg, I can’t imagine what I could have possibly done to injure myself so badly?

Ugh. It’s Fall again. When can I go home to Wyoming? What’s today?

My shoes are not ‘80’s shoes! 1985 did not call my stupid bil and tell him they want their shoes back! These shoes are adorable! Right? RIGHT??
Note to self: try not to think of things that agitate, upset or otherwise anger you while stirring anything with the least bit of liquid in it.

Why do all Audi owners drive like a#@h$%&s? When you go to buy an Audi, do they take you for a test drive? “I’m sorry, m’am, you don’t qualify to own an Audi. You are entirely too safe and polite a driver for a car such as this.”

Why do you have to learn an entirely new language just to order coffee? I mean c’mon! A Quad Vente Iced White Mocha or a Quad Grande Caramel Macchiato can’t possibly be English, can they? (Incidentally, there are actually websites out there that give assistance for ordering coffee in coffee houses. How sad that we need assistance to order a cup of coffee….*sigh* Did you know there is such a thing as a “Single Tall Why Bother with Room”? I didn’t either, and I’m still trying figure out what it is! These two sites are pretty cool, though, check it out here and here.)

Laziness annoys me. Why do people think mediocrity should be accepted in all forums? Or any forums?

Maybe I should go home and look inside my dryer to make sure no mouse has crawled up the dryer vent, through the dryer motor and eviscerated itself on the edge of the drum while trying to turn around in the tiny space, thereby splashing disgusting, yet Downy-fresh, mouse blood all over the inside of my dryer…. (Lee, this one’s for you!)

Note to self: when freshening a room with a spray air freshener, it is much better not to spray such freshener above an open, half-full can of Coca-Cola. Much better.


Emilee said...

I'm offended. I own an Audi S4 (my husband bought it) and yes at times I drive like a crazy person but have you driven one these things. The absolute power! But hey, Audi drivers are not nearly as bad as minivan drivers.

Jen said...

Girl, lol i can only laugh! you are the best! and all your suffering through that wine helped me alot! :) yes note to both ourselves.... save it for the weekend! LOL the shoes are adorable!