Friday, March 21, 2008

FFUCDPJL Strikes Again

Well, it’s that time of year again. A time of renewal. A time to begin again. A time to evaluate decisions of the past. A time of renewed opportunities and of chances to make new choices. It’s also a time of anticipated visits, of children’s joy and a time to enjoy the many sweet confections that life has to offer. No, I am not referring to spring, though it is definitely upon us (YAY!!) Likewise, I am not referring to Easter, though I’m looking forward to that as well. (Though not so much to images such as this, called the "Ultimate Peep Show":That's just too disturbing for me to even comment upon...) No, I am instead referring to that utterly anticipated, eagerly awaited, favorite time of year for many of us: Girl Scout Cookie Season. Yes, I consider it a season in itself, since it is a process of agonizing decisions and amazing restraint, followed by a period of unbearable waiting, then ending with the gaining of hundreds of a few pounds. I, of course, participated once again in this annual ritual, as I have done nearly every year since I was a Girl Scout myself. And once again I over did it. Though I won’t tell you how much I spent, or how many boxes I bought, I will say that once I told a co-worker how much I had spent this and last year, she commented that I am single-handedly keeping the Girl Scout cookies in production. Well, I don’t quite know about that…

I will tell you how very disappointed I was to discover that the powers that be in the Girl Scout world have changed the names of all of the cookies. No longer are there such things as Tagalongs, Samoas, Thin Mints, Trefoils or Do-Si-Dos. Now there are only Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel Delights, Shortbread Cookies and other ingredient-sounding names. To tell you the truth, I didn’t pay much attention to what the names are now. I was so utterly and bitterly disappointed that they had changed such historical symbols that are so big a part of my past that I nearly didn’t buy any at all. Ok, so I’m lying. It didn’t even cross my mind not to buy any. But I’m mad, damn it! Why can’t they ever just leave things alone? (I won’t even address the issue of “who is they?”, or “why do they have so much control?”.)

Which brings me to my next topic. There was a saying on my calendar the other day that was so true, I had to write it down. It said “Law of Necessity: if it is good, they will stop making it.” How true is that?!? In fact, the more I started to think about it, the angrier I got. I have a whole list of things that are either no longer made, or else the stores have stopped stocking them. It’s something I find very irritating, since I’m the type of person who finds something they like and sticks to it. Is it just me? I mean, really, is there a Foundation for the Furtherance of the Universal Conspiracy to Discontinue Products that Janci Likes (aka FFUCDPJL)? Well, if the FFUCDPJL does exist out there, they’re sure doing a bang up job of it. Let me enlighten you to just how often this happens to me. Here is a list (and I’m sure it’s only partial) of things that I have had discontinued or changed on me:

Hair GelSpecifically the brand is Loreal, but they changed all their products AND all their packaging, so I have 150 5 bottles of nearly full hair gel in my closet representing my failed attempts at finding the right one. (I’m positive that the amount of time it takes me to get through a bottle of hair gel has absolutely nothing to do with why it all changed on me.)

Hair Dryer – gee, you think once they’d made a hair dryer that lasted for 9 years, they’d keep making it. But I guess that means if you didn’t have to replace them as often, they wouldn’t get as much money. Unfortunately, when mine died 9 years after its purchase, I realized they’d long ago discontinued it, and I’ve had to deal with a less-than-stellar replacement.

Generic Claritin-D – Ok, so I really don’t know whether this is discontinued, or if it’s just not being carried by my favorite store to hate, Wal-Mart, anymore. I’m guessing though, it was (temporarily??) discontinued to compete with the release of OTC Zyrtec. So, just to show them, I’ve switched to PRESCIPTION Zyrtec.

Electric Youth PerfumeI know, I know, laugh it up, but this stuff was my signature scent for years!

Numerous Bath & Body Works products – every time I find a scent I like they discontinue it and I spend a fortune trying to stock up on what’s left and still available for sale on E-bay! Let me give a few sub-examples:
Bergamot & Coriander Aromatherapy Line
Red Currant & Thyme Tea Lavender & Vanilla Aromatherapy Line
The ENTIRE Dolci Line
Red Current Lip Balm

Need I continue?

Several different types of feminine hygiene products – I’ll spare my male readers the details, but suffice it to say, I was BEYOND PMS grumpy when I found out these were discontinued or no longer carried ANYWHERE! I swear these companies are run by men. Single men. Who have never been within 200 yards of a woman.

Jeans – two separate styles of jeans from the same company (Levi) have been discontinued. I spent five or so years buying the first style as new as I could get them off of E-bay when they were discontinued, and I would wear them until they had holes worn through both knees and the pockets were tearing out. The second style was discontinued just a few months after I received my first pair and decided I liked them. Guess I need to be a little less picky about the jeans.

Einstein Bros.’s Chocolate Cherry Coffee – YUM – MY!! And they discontinued it…

Arizona Sweet Tea in cansYes, it’s still made, and it’s out there somewhere, but no longer at any of the stores I shop in, something which occurred mere months after I discovered its existence. Now all I can find it in is plastic bottles. Not the same.

Nature Valley Oats ‘n’ Honey Granola BarsI’m sure they’re still out there somewhere too, but nowhere I can find.

Many, many character cake pans

Many, many cross stitch kits and patterns

Yes, the FFUCDPJL is definitely all-powerful.


Dotti said...

ok, the electric youth perfume can be found at Sally Beauty Supply and those big perfume outlet stores that permeate the outlet malls. Next time I see some I will get it for you. Cake pans...see garage sales, amazon and e-bay or my mom. Hair gel...try the site It's a swap site and I found my favorite Aveda (discontinued) shampoo there and swapped it for some discontinued MK eyeshadow I had in my inventory. You might find the bath and body works stuff there too :) Happy hunting!

Wayfaringman said...

Boo Hoo Hoo! Poor Janci! Can't find her favorite products anymore in the US.

Hey Darlin'! Come with me when I go back to Saudi Arabia. You will find out what real hardship is like. For Example!

No Peter Pan Crunchy peanut butter (used to get it, now we don't ... don't have the faintest idea why) Maybe they didn't like the picture of a fairly on the label.

For a while, there were no tampons available (the Moslem religious police decided that women were using them to pleasure themselves). During this crisis, any expat woman who left the Magic Kindom on vacation was obligated to bring back several boxes to help satisfy the black market.

No Miracle Whip. (I think the name was offensive to the Moslem religious police.)

No Movie Theaters. (They are afraid that young men and young women would meet in the dark theater and have wild monkey sex in the rear of the theater.)

Segregated Dining Facilities (i.e. Chilies, TGIF, Fudruckers)- Sometimes a single male can't go to a fast food place because the dining areas are designated "Family Only" and you don't have a token female for admission.

NO CHURCHES!!! These really are offensive to the Moslem religious police.

Boo Hoo Hoo! Poor Janci!! Of course, gasoline in the Magic Kingdom is only $0.40 per gallon versus the $3.00+ that I am paying while I'm back home.

Oh well, with patience and faith, I will get my reward in about 4 months when retirement age in Saudi Arabia arrives.

Love Ya Babe! Type at you later.